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WO-02063658-A3: Self aligned, magnetoresitive random-access memory (mram) structure utilizing a spacer containment scheme patent, WO-02065045-A2: Muzzle brake patent, WO-02071788-A1: Debiting in a telecommunication and data communication system patent, WO-02072127-A2: Modulation of smooth muscle cell proliferation by vegf-x or antagonists thereof patent, WO-02073755-A3: System and method of packaging a laser/detector patent, WO-02074946-A3: Method for generating insulin-secreting cells suitable for transplantation patent, WO-02081519-A2: Ifn-thy fusion protein,dna coding therefore,its preparation and application patent, WO-02088927-A1: Geographic view of a modelling system patent, WO-02091066-A3: Optic device and method of operating the same patent, WO-02092450-A3: Apparatus for opening a bottle sealed with a cork stopper patent, WO-02095308-A3: Ultra-low temperature closed-loop recirculating gas chilling system patent, WO-03001387-A1: Semiconductor integrated circuit and computer-readable recording medium patent, WO-03009627-A1: Method and system for handling a network-identified emergency session patent, WO-03015216-A2: Electronic article surveillance antenna coils with variable wind_geometry patent, WO-03030554-A1: Robust method for recovering a program time base in mpeg-2 transport streams and achieving audio/video synchronization patent, WO-03039143-A1: Image accumulation apparatus, image accumulation support apparatus, image accumulation system, image control apparatus, image storage apparatus patent, WO-03050470-A3: Phase-shifting interferometry method and system patent, WO-03061523-A3: System and method for depositing particulate matter in absorbent cores patent, WO-03071306-A1: Portable 3d ultrasound system patent, WO-03072689-A1: Liquid cleaning compositions patent, WO-03078190-A3: Process, apparatus, media and signals for controlling operating conditions of a hybrid electric vehicle to optimize operating characteristics of the vehicle patent, WO-03081803-A1: Apparatus and method for transmitting signal in mobile communication system patent, WO-03096683-A1: Reception device patent, WO-03101307-A1: Apparatus and method to access bone marrow patent, WO-2004004194-A3: Link adaptation patent, WO-2004007193-A3: Packaging prefinished fiber cement products patent, WO-2004008366-A1: Method in apparatus for providing a personal item drop off/retur n service at security checkpoints patent, WO-2004008996-A1: Percutaneous endovascular apparatus for repair of aneurysms and arterial blockages patent, WO-2004016020-A3: Provision of operational definitions in a wireless communication system patent, WO-2004024342-A1: Nozzle for sealant cartridges patent, WO-2004026100-A3: Using magnetic resonance imaging to directly map neuronal activity patent, WO-2004042793-A2: One cycle control pfc boost converter ic with inrush current limiting, fan motor speed control patent, WO-2004045172-A1: Intelligent control for scaleable congestion free switching patent, WO-2004046571-A1: Foil thrust bearing cooling patent, WO-2004055241-A3: Water electrolysis method and device for determination of hydrogen and oxygen stable isotopic composition patent, WO-2004062155-A3: A method for emulating an executable code in order to detect maliciousness patent, WO-2004073687-A1: Method for preparation of an agglomerate using melt agglomeration patent, WO-2004081158-A1: Synthetical method of biodiesel from oils and fats patent, WO-2004088855-A2: Direct conversion transmitter system and method with quadrature balancing and low lo feed through patent, WO-2004095783-A2: Method and device for controlling data packet traffic at the input of a network patent, WO-2004100882-A2: Inhibition of drug binding to serum albumin patent, WO-2005024927-A1: Improved method of etching silicon patent, WO-2005031505-A3: Allocating bandwidths in system with redundant circuits patent, WO-2005033259-A1: Beer additive and method patent, WO-2005039185-A1: System and method for creating and executing rich applications on multimedia terminals patent, WO-2005039740-A3: Method for scrubbing and cooling a gas by direct contact with water and installation for carrying out said method patent, WO-2005044626-A1: Shoe cleaning apparatus patent, WO-2005052170-A3: Gene silencing by using micro-rna molecules patent, WO-2005056548-A1: Enantiomerically pure epoxiconazole and its use as crop protection agent patent, WO-2005062070-A2: Method and system for a data interface for aiding a satellite positioning system receiver patent, WO-2005084615-A1: A mild body wash patent, WO-2005084979-A1: Vehicle comprising a load-carrying means patent, WO-2005098987-A3: Oled with color change media patent, WO-2005111461-A1: A speed reducing gear box driven by motor patent, WO-2006031708-A3: Method and apparatus for propping devices patent, WO-2006038191-A3: X-ray source apparatus, computer tomography apparatus, and method of operating an x-ray source apparatus patent, WO-2006039247-A2: Sprinkler apparatus and related methods patent, WO-2006049937-A2: Method and apparatus for communicating drug label and safety information patent, WO-2006050165-A3: Methods and compositions for reducing neurodegeneration in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis patent, WO-2006088114-A1: Plasma treatment apparatus patent, WO-2006090043-A1: Respiratory tube patent, WO-2006094838-A1: Network assisted terminal to sim/uicc key establishment patent, WO-2006098632-A1: Method and system for adaptive recognition of distorted text in computer images patent, WO-2006100623-A1: System and method for combining two or more digital images patent, WO-2006114706-A1: Triazole derivatives as vasopressin antagonists patent, WO-2006118515-A1: Ear cup patent, WO-2006130751-A1: Light string system patent, WO-2006135890-A3: High velocity low pressure emitter patent, WO-2007000686-A3: Object detection system and method for miner patent, WO-2007011715-A3: Interactive gaming among a plurality of players systems and methods patent, WO-2007015958-A3: Ion irradiated electrolyte membrane, anode, and/or cathode patent, WO-2007041904-A1: Small viewing field lens patent, WO-2007042844-A2: Reflectance and illumination properties from varying illumination patent, WO-2007052129-A1: Systems, methods, and apparatus for mitigation of nonlinear distortion patent, WO-2007056297-A3: Surgical repair systems and methods of using the same patent, WO-2007060640-A2: Method of forming a self aligned copper capping layer patent, WO-2007064842-A3: Synthesis of chlorins and phorbines with enhanced red spectral features patent, WO-2007065095-A3: System and method for supporting a biological chip device patent, WO-2007076283-A3: Joist noise reduction system and method of installation patent, WO-2007089818-A1: Ip multimedia subsystem communications for a variety of devices patent, WO-2007096046-A1: Conditioning shampoo compositions patent, WO-2007107994-A1: Dynamic stock tracking method and system patent, WO-2007108906-A3: Method and system for determining freshness and palatability and assessing organ vitality patent, WO-2007109083-A3: Adhesive backed preformed thermoplastic sheeting patent, WO-2007109363-A3: Methods and compositions for inhibiting impdh isoform 1 patent, WO-2007109596-A3: Heteroaryl dihydroindolones as kinase inhibitors patent, WO-2007118270-A1: Cyclised alpha-conotoxin peptides patent, WO-2007133023-A1: System and method for authentication in a communication system patent, WO-2007136586-A2: Personal care compositions patent, WO-2007139301-A1: Apparatus and method for detecting channel quality in a mobile communication system patent, WO-2008010685-A1: Key input device and character input method using center key patent, WO-2008018312-A1: Data processing device, data processing method, and computer program patent, WO-2008029294-A3: Method of producing anthracycline derivatives patent, WO-2008046302-A1: A method, system and network entity for obtaining the session description protocol capability information patent, WO-2008050232-A3: A multiway distribution connector element for cooling circuits patent, WO-2008056544-A1: Scoring device for gypsum board production device patent, WO-2008065505-A3: Simultaneous mixed site-specific mutagenesis method patent, WO-2008087522-A2: Plasma cutting torch patent, WO-2008097319-A2: Autonomous outer loop control of man-rated fly-by-wire aircraft patent, WO-2008110392-A3: Biopsy device for the in vivo enrichment of tissue, cells, or analytes patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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